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King High Remembers (KHR) is a memorial project that seeks to recognize the efforts of America’s veterans, and their lasting impact on America’s history. The project first began in 2001, with 28 veterans and 75 students. In 2020, the project encompassed more than 300 veterans and the entirety of the MLKHS History/Social Science Department. Today King High Remembers continues to grow, as more veterans’ lives are represented and more students’ lives are touched.

Students will have the unique opportunity to connect with veterans through the project. On the day of KHR, one veteran will be placed with a small group of 11th grade students. Each group will be able to interview a veterans with questions they have created. When present, we hope that our students will be able to spark a conversation with their veteran, and learn from their past. Students will also draft an essay, following their conversation, about their veteran’s story. This draft is then sent to the veterans for corrections and fact-checking. After students have written their second draft, and has been checked again, their essay will be saved in the King High Remembers database, and archived as a hard copy. King High Remembers also includes memorial performances by the MLKHS Choir, Band, and ROTC units, to recognize the efforts of all our veterans: including those who may not be present with us on the day of King High Remembers.

After their participation in King High Remembers as 11th graders, students will also have the opportunity to serve on the KHR Senior Committee as 12th graders. The Senior Committee helps to develop and organize the program, ensuring that it runs smoothly for those participating in KHR.

Through King High Remembers, MLKHS hopes to put a face on history for our students. We believe that history is better learned from those who lived it, than just learning it from books. From conducting interviews, listening to the veterans’ stories, and writing about these stories, students have been able to get a view of history up close and personal. Connecting historical events to people once present there, and to an individual face is both priceless and powerful. It has afforded both MLKHS students and veterans an opportunity to keep their stories alive – to serve as a tribute to America’s past and reference for her future.

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